Winter at the Castle

Winter in the Crystal River Valley of Western Colorado is the quiet time. A well maintained, two-lane paved road, (CO133) connects the valley with the “middle of nowhere” in one direction and the small town of Carbondale in the other direction. That’s not to say, the valley’s history did not contain a booming period as well. In fact, that time period was when John Osgood built his castle; Cleveholm Manor, in the mountains of Western Colorado.

People who come to what is now known as the Redstone Castle come for the history and quiet solitude. A Winter visit guarantees that and more. If the idea of sitting by a crackling fire to read a book quietly by yourself or having interesting conversation with another is your idea of a good way to relax in the winter, Redstone Castle can fill that bill in spades!

What, then, does a visit to Redstone Castle in the winter look like?

After a spectacular drive up the Crystal which seems more like a sightseeing outing than it does any sort of trek, you arrive in the fading afternoon light. It looks just like a Currier & Ives image from long ago. The light does fade quickly here in the winter because of the mountains surrounding the castle. The Innkeeper welcomes you in and shows you to the suite you selected where you can relax from the drive. Soon after, you are invited to enjoy a glass of wine or have some hot tea before getting your own private tour of the castle.

Dinner is not served at the castle but the tiny village of Redstone has a tempting menu or two to enjoy. Once back at the hotel there is more time to wind down with a good book or time on the internet before calling it a day. Your vintage bed is piled high with quilts and blankets that literally guarantee a sound sleep. In the morning you are greeted with hot coffee or tea to start your day, followed by a delicious, home cooked, hot breakfast. If you didn’t have your tour when you arrived it will happen after breakfast! In the meantime, perhaps today is the day to try out snowshoeing or maybe a walk down to the river in snowshoes for a fly fishing session! The option to do nothing but enjoy the various spaces in the castle might be the best one! Do as little or as much as you like. Most guests pick their favorite area of the castle to just soak it all in.

Staying more than one night makes it even more special. The pace slows down. This is your opportunity to escape the hustle of daily life. Just imagine what it must have been like to live here 100 years ago, when Carbondale would have been a long day’s horseback ride from the ranching town of Carbondale. A must see experience. Take a Castle Tour to learn more and see it all, or better yet plan an overnight stay in one of the seven exquisite hotel suites.

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