Tour a National Treasure

Satisfy your curiosity with an in-person tour of Redstone Castle. Since it was first built and through a string of owners up to the present, people have always wondered “what’s the story” about Redstone Castle. While you can read about its history, even take a virtual tour online, nothing beats seeing the “Ruby of the Rockies,” as it has been called, with your own eyes.
When you take an in-person tour, you get an up-close view of details that can never be conveyed in a photograph or video clip. You’ll be able to see through the lace curtains in Lady Bountiful’s room, hear your footsteps on the wooden floors and feel the warmth of hand-carved banisters with your fingers.

Best of all, with an in-person tour you’ll get answers to the question of “what’s the story?” Tour guides are local historians or the owners themselves. They know the interesting details, rumors and tidbits of gossip that have swirled around this stately mansion for over a century, and they have a knack for storytelling that will hold your attention as you move from room to room within the castle.

In-person tours are available for a minimum group size of four and a maximum of 10 people.

Private Tours

Advance tour tickets are required. Reserve your tour below, or use our contact form.

Be Our Guest

We’re proud to offer tours of the Redstone Castle, but we’d be honored to have you as our guest. Our suites are available for overnights guest stays, or for extra special gatherings, we encourage you to inqiure about renting out the entire property.