Suite Dreams: Elegance and Style

Dream big! As a guest, choose from seven exemplar suites at the iconic Redstone Castle, a boutique hotel in the Colorado mountains between Aspen and Glenwood Springs.

Anyone hooked on the hit series Downton Abbey will clamor for the opportunity to be a guest at the Redstone Castle—an authentic, real-life version of those vaunted bygone days. Situated on a hillside overlooking expansive grounds with a river running through it, the castle in Colorado features all the period-style accouterments to rival the beloved TV show—art nouveau elements, floral motifs, a family crest, craftsman and oriental influences. Best of all, you can experience the dignified charm of the early 20th-century gentry for yourself with a getaway vacation to the historic Redstone Castle in Colorado.

Your chance to play the leading role

Select from among seven three-room suites—all meticulously restored—that once hosted a genuine cast of characters ranging from a retinue of servants to the highest echelons of the American aristocracy. Each guest suite in the Redstone Castle in Colorado has a story to tell. Stay in a room that once welcomed a U.S. president, in the cozy quarters of the eagle-eyed estate watchman or in the dormitory set aside for nannies and their charges. Each room has been beautifully restored and modernized to include luxurious en-suite bathrooms.

Seven guest suites to help you get into character

Roosevelt Suite. Named for the most famous of the Redstone Castle’s guests. President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt enjoyed the outdoors often hunting on the castle grounds with his hosts.

Morgan Suite. J.P. Morgan was a peer and rival businessman of Redstone Castle owner John C. Osgood. He too was a frequent guest and one can only speculate at the high finance deals that were struck in the castle setting.

Aviary Tower Suite. This room, with its spectacular balloon ceilings covered in bluebird wallpaper, was where nannies corralled the children of the castle guests, doing their best to keep them entertained and quiet while the “lords and ladies” dined and socialized below.

Sunshine Suite. Located on the main floor off the kitchen, it was in this room that the castle’s servants ate their meals, completed any mending, sewing or repair work that was required—and, of course, shared the juicy gossip of the day.

Watchman Suite. Set apart, this is the most private of the guest suites with a separate courtyard entrance. It was designed and situated so the castle watchman could easily yet discreetly keep an eye on all the castle activities, especially the coming and going of its guests.

Mr. Osgood’s Study Suite. A lair for laissez-faire capitalism, with the help of his personal secretary, Mr. Osgood ruled over his coal and steel-making empire from these rooms. His study features a room-sized vault where he kept his valuables. So guarded was Mr. Osgood about the privacy of his documents that on his deathbed he instructed his wife to “burn it all.”

Octagon Suite. Home to the castle’s bachelor staff, the eight-sided room provided views of the lawn for security. A Detex Watchclock security station where guards were required to punch in remains a feature in this guest suite. Though fitted with narrow firearm windows for shooting intruders, there’s no record they were ever used.

When in doubt, consult the experts

With so many rooms—each with its own fascinating story—choosing a suite can be a difficult decision. Versed in the castle’s history and lore, familiar with its quirks and idiosyncrasies Redstone Castle hosts and caretakers would be pleased to help you select the suite of your dreams.

A must see experience. Take a Castle Tour to learn more and see it all, or better yet plan an overnight stay in one of the seven exquisite hotel suites.

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