How to Choose Your Redstone Castle Suite

Make your stay at the Redstone Castle a dream-come-true by choosing the guest suite that’s right for you. Here’s how.

The Redstone Castle is singular among boutique hotel in the U. S. It’s a bona fide castle nestled in the Rocky Mountains that permits visitors to stay overnight in an unparalleled and authentic historical setting. All of the castle’s three-room suites feature en-suite bathrooms and are uniquely decorated with period-correct antiques—many original to the castle. Each room has its own story, characteristics, and charm. Take a virtual tour through all of them online and use these guidelines to help you choose your suite at The Redstone Castle that’s perfect for your next getaway.

A sense of place

Location within the castle may either inform your choice of a guest room or have no bearing at all, but it’s an important consideration as the castle does not have an elevator.

Patio Level Suites: Mr. Osgood’s Study and the Octagon Suite are located on the patio level. The Study is the largest of the castle’s suites. Both are situated close to the Billiards Room, which features a pool table, a roulette wheel, and other games. This lower level floor also opens out to 150 acres of castle grounds, including access to the patio, lawn, gazebo, river and walking trails.

First Floor Suites: The two suites that were originally designated as servants’quarters because of their proximity to the kitchen and the courtyard are on the main floor. For those with mobility challenges, the Sunshine Suite is spacious and ADA compliant. Separated by a covered portico, the Watchman Suite is the smallest, but also the most private of the suites.

Second Floor Suites: The Morgan and Roosevelt Suites are named for the influential men who frequented the Redstone Castle to meet for both business and pleasure. The Morgan Suite is one of the warmest and coziest in the castle. The Roosevelt Suite, where the 26thU.S. president once stayed, is decorated with memorabilia that pays homage to one of America’s most beloved leaders.

Morgan Suite Sitting Room at Redstone Hotel

Third Floor Suite: With the nest-like ambiance, the Aviary Tower is the highest of all the castle’s suites. It has magnificent views of the grounds and surrounding mountains.

Every room has a story

Each room at the Redstone Castle is unique. Many visitors entertain the idea of the role they might have played if they were either a guest or a resident in its heyday. Are you fascinated with American history? Consider staying in the Roosevelt Room. If Downton Abbeyappeals to you, the Sunshine or Watchman Suite could be perfect. Want to play the financial tycoon? The Study is the obvious choice. If your sensibilities lean toward whimsy and playfulness, the Aviary Suite is for you.

Sunshine Suite Sitting Room at Redstone Hotel

Not every room has a television

Though the Redstone Castle is Wi-Fi equipped, not all rooms have a television. If having one in your room makes your stay more comfortable, choose from the following, which all have at least one TV: the Study, the Octagon or the Sunshine Suite. However, even if yours is a TV-free suite, you can always catch up on favorite shows, news, and sports on the set located in the Billiards Room.

Ask the experts

If you’re still undecided on which suite to choose, check with the innkeeper who is well-acquainted with the personality of each suite and can help you select the one that will make your stay at the Redstone Castle a dream-come-true getaway.

Call to inquire and make reservations at 970-963-9656, or book suites online.