Explore the Castle Grounds

When you stay at the Redstone Castle, like its former inhabitants, you also have access to the expansive grounds which include walking trails, fishing holes and plenty of places for romantic picnics.

The Redstone Castle, is a boutique hotel located in Redstone, Colorado.  The Castle is tucked in the mountains between Aspen and Glenwood Springs, offers guests spectacular overnight accommodations and much more. The historic property is a touchable, living history “museum,” where guests are welcome to immerse themselves in all aspects of the castle-like reading a favorite book in the Library or thumbing through the room’s old volumes and newspapers; lounging in the Great Room beneath the Osgood family crest with a glass of local wine; or shooting a game of pool in the basement Billiards Room as John Osgood and his contemporaries once did.

A property unlike any other, the Redstone Castle experience extends beyond its stately stone and Tudor-style walls and encompasses 150 acres of private land, including access to the river—all of which guests can explore at will.

Designed to Impress

When John C. Osgood built his castle in Redstone in 1902, not only was it conveniently close to monitor his coal-coking operation, it was also opportunely situated in one of the most stunning places in Western Colorado: the Crystal River Valley. Osgood’s hillside perch afforded him impressive views of the red rock canyon walls, snow-capped Casa Mountain and the lush green meadows sloping down to the Crystal River. At the height of his fortune, the Osgood estate encompassed 550 acres on both sides of the river, with the entire perimeter fenced in wrought iron! Because both he and his roster of guests, which often included President Theodore Roosevelt, were avid sportsmen, Osgood kept a well-stocked game preserve on the grounds to house a variety of species and ensure a successful hunt.

The Gazebo & Wildlife

A combination of Osgood’s death in 1926, evolving steel industry and the market crash of 1929 forced parts of the original estate to be sold off, though much of it remains intact. The elevated gazebo on the lower property makes a lovely destination for a short stroll. In its heyday, the Redstone Band performed in the gazebo on Sunday afternoons. Now the charming covered space is ideal for relaxing in the shade. These days, the wildlife is free to roam where they please; keep an eye out for deer, elk, fox and an assortment of birds that call the castle grounds home.


The headwaters of the Crystal River lie not far from the Redstone Castle in the snowy mountains above the nearby town of Marble. The Crystal is known for its icy-cold waters and thriving population of trout, including Rainbows, Browns, and Brookies. With access to a mile of private fishing shoreline in front of the castle and a known productive fishing hole just south of the gazebo along “Lover’s Lane,” the odds of hooking a lunker worthy of tall tales are in your favor. Purchase a Colorado fishing license online at Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

Walking & Picnicking

Getting fresh air and sunshine was an important part of daily life in Osgood’s time, and it still is. Guests staying at the castle can roam the grounds. There are several well-marked trails, all under a mile in length, that meander through scenic aspen and pine forests near the castle. Wander on foot along April’s Alley behind the castle which connects to the riverside Lover’s Lane. For a stroll with a moderate incline and panoramic views near the top, take the Water Tower Road which follows the line of a vintage 1960 ski lift. If you prefer a romantic picnic on the grounds, stock up on picnic basket essentials in town and pack them to your favorite spot—the gazebo, a grassy patch along the river or a pretty spot along any of the trails. The area around Redstone, Colorado is truly spectacular!

Your stay at the Redstone Castle is an experience indoors and out – explore it all! Learn more and make reservations to stay at the Redstone Castle today.

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