Corporate Retreats at The Redstone Castle

Ideally, corporate retreats should invigorate management and inspire new ideas—too often though they devolve into “bored” retreats. Hit the refresh button on your upcoming retreat venue by booking The Redstone Castle, a genuine Colorado castle, designed for getting down to business.

An Out-of-the-Box Board Retreat

No cookie cutter rooms. Unlike plain hotel ballrooms with zero personality, there’s nothing ordinary about the Redstone Castle, located between Aspen and Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The castle was built in 1902 by John C. Osgood, a self-made business tycoon and the sixth wealthiest man in the country at the time. Osgood spared no expense in designing his mountain retreat to impress his contemporaries, and neither did the current owners who have devoted two years to restoring the historic property to its former stately splendor. For groups of up to 18 people, business leaders can convene meetings in a number of the castle’s unique settings, including:

  • The Great Room. Designed in the tradition of an English Hall, this room is 37-feet wide by 42-feet long and features 18-foot tall ceilings. The light fixtures are custom-made Louis Tiffany originals and the sandstone fireplace is carved with the Osgood crest, inscribed with the words “Pecturo Puro,” meaning “Pure of Heart.”
  • Osgood’s Library. Decorated in a Persian motif, the walls are covered in Spanish leather. A luminescent stenciled peacock design is rendered in aluminum leaf and tinted with a gold wash. Art and books from Osgood’s collection add to the studious feel.
  • Red Russian Dining Room. Managing to be intimate and imposing at the same time, the walls are lined with Honduran mahogany paneling, rubbed to a cherry-red finish. Dinner around the table and beneath a Tiffany chandelier is an impressive backdrop for socializing and networking.
  • The Loggia. A slender room with expansive views of the grounds and surrounding mountains, breakfast is served in this sunlit space. It’s also ideal for small group meetings, discussions and breakout sessions.

Note also: to facilitate business functionality, all of the castle’s meeting rooms are equipped with WiFi.

A history of success. For uninterrupted privacy, corporate clients typically reserve the entire castle for the week or several days. While in residence, they are free to wander about the castle and rub elbows with the past. Every room is rife with history. In his day, Mr. Osgood routinely hosted dignitaries and captains of industry to discuss business, negotiate deals and stay informed. Notable guests included President Theodore Roosevelt, Prince Leopold, J.P. Morgan, J. Gould and both John D. Rockefeller Jr. and Sr.

Luxurious guest suites. The castle features nine three-room guest suites. Several are named for the former guests who overnighted in them, such as the Roosevelt Suite and the Morgan Suite. Each suite offers a bedroom with an original Italian tile fireplace, a sitting room for relaxation and a thoroughly modern bathroom that also incorporates original sink fixtures. If more rooms are required to accommodate your group, the Redstone Castle partners with the nearby Redstone Inn and can also provide a shuttle service as needed.

Team building indoors and out. Essential to successful corporate retreats are activities that get everyone involved. Skip the contrived collaboration games; instead, rely on time-tested pastimes to build authentic working relationships. On the patio level of the castle, in addition to the Osgood Suite and in-house art gallery, is the Game Room. After dinner, and with perhaps a snifter of brandy or glass of wine, settle in with the team for a card game at the poker table, billiards on the castle’s original pool table or try your luck at the roulette wheel. For fresh-air team building, the 150-arce grounds offer walking trails and private fishing holes.

A must see experience. Take a Castle Tour to learn more and see it all, or better yet plan an overnight stay in one of the seven exquisite hotel suites.

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