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April and Steve Carver, the proprietors of this fairy-tale-like castle in the Colorado mountains have often expressed the sentiment, “If these walls could talk, the stories they would tell.” Since they purchased the Redstone Castle in 2015, they have restored not only every inch of the castle interior but have also collected and archived much of the history, tales and trivia of this remarkable place. In addition to offering historical perspectives, the articles here also highlight individual guest suites, the extensive renovations that took place, as well as the many things to do in the area during your stay in Redstone, Colorado. As you consider a getaway to Redstone Castle, take a moment to browse through the collection of articles to see what piques your interest. No doubt there will be something that captivates your attention. April and Steve invite you to share with them what fascinates you most so that they can answer any questions you may have, assist you in selecting the perfect guest suite, and help to tailor your visit to your specific interests. These articles are, in part, the owners’ attempt to illuminate what these walls might have been privy to over more than a century. Enjoy perusing them.

Corporate Retreats at The Redstone Castle

November 5, 2019

game room with pool table at redstone castle in redstone colorado

Stay in the Ultimate Man Cave

November 5, 2019

mountain view on beautiful summer day on the back patio at redstone castle in redstone colorado

Explore the Castle Grounds

October 24, 2019

great room at redstone castle on sunny day

Take an Insider’s Tour of the Redstone Castle

October 22, 2019

drone backside view of redstone castle on summer day

10 Things to Know Before You Go

October 16, 2019

Spooky: 7 Redstone Castle Tales

October 8, 2019

12 Castle Tour Hidden Treasures

September 9, 2019

old photo of backside of redstone castle in redstone colorado

Saved from the Wrecking Ball Three Times

September 3, 2019

See the Sights in Redstone

August 29, 2019