12 Castle Tour Hidden Treasures

So, you think you have an eye for detail. Test yourself on a tour of The Redstone Castle. Think of it as a treasure hunt: can you spy these bits of memorabilia and workmanship discretely displayed in the castle’s many rooms and guest suites?

Attention to detail is a hallmark of TheRedstone Castle near Carbondale, Colorado. Extraordinary craftsmanship and priceless antiques are readily apparent to visitors on castle tours. In fact, the interior is so exquisite from ceiling to floor and turret to the courtyard that taking in all the remarkable elements on display can be a challenge, even for the most astute observer.

As you move from room to room and floor to floor on the 90-minute tour listening to stories about industrialist and original owner John C. Osgood, his three wives—Irene, Alma, and Lucille, and their guests, keep an eye out for these often overlooked but intriguing objects.

1. In the Octagon Suite, the Detexwatchclock security station used by castle’s guards to “punch in”
2. Irene Osgood’s self-penned book “Servitude,” and its scathing review by the New York Times
3. The pocket ball scoreboard located in the Billiards Room, the least changed room in entire the castle

game room with pool table at redstone castle in redstone colorado

4. The Osgood family crest in miniature on door handles throughout the castle
5. The original 1902 vellum map of Mr. Osgood’s extensive property holdings in the Study Suite
6. The red leather servant’s door adjoining the kitchen, padded so as not to disturb the aristocratic diners gathered around the table in the Russian-themed dining room
7. Mr. Osgood’s tufted, a green leather rocking chair in the Roosevelt Suite sitting room

8. Servant call buttons on the walls in many of the guest suites and bathrooms
9. In the Morgan Suite, brass boot brushes for tidying footwear after a hunting excursion or a walk on the castle grounds
10. The custom-made Tiffany & Co. travel case displayed in Mr. Osgood’s closet
11. The servant call box near Sunshine Suite, a guest suite which was originally the servant’s hall and maid’s quarters
12. The fire hose and spool original to the castle, located in the north porte-cochere

While there’s no test to pass at the end of the tour, finding these hidden treasures tucked away throughout The Redstone Castle will certainly enhance your knowledge of American history and foster a fondness for this special place in Colorado.

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