Welcome to Redstone Castle

On a hillside overlooking expansive grounds next to the sparkling Crystal River, Redstone Castle welcomes visitors to experience an authentic, real-life version of days gone by. Redstone Castle anchors the village of Redstone, resting in the Crystal River Valley still dominated by beautiful, wide-open spaces and undisturbed nature. This 1902 mansion was built to impress, and continues to awe visitors in nine meticulously restored boutique suites, where dignitaries such as Teddy Roosevelt and the Rockefellers once slept.

Inquiries? Reach Out

Want to share a story, ask a question, or get more information on our suites or special occassion rentals? We’d love to hear from you any way you’d like to reach out. We recommend phone or email, as our telegraph machine hasn’t been operational since John Osgood was in residence.