Redstone Castle History
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This turn-of-the-century jewel was completed in 1902 for industrialist and coal magnate John Cleveland Osgood. At the time, Osgood was one of the wealthiest people in the United States (purportedly ranking 6th), and rubbed elbows with the rich and powerful. John D. Rockefeller, J. Pierpont Morgan and Teddy Roosevelt all spent time at the estate. It is also known as Osgood Castle and Cleveholm Manor, its original name.

Steve and April Carver, owners of the Hotel Denver in Glenwood Springs, purchased the castle at auction in October 2016, becoming the 11th owners in the Castle’s 114-year history.

osgoodPlaced on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971, the Castle provides a unique glimpse into the personal styles and social culture of America’s elite at the turn of the 20th Century. Built in the Tudor style, the Castle is filled with the finest furnishings of the period: wooden paneling designed by Gustav Stickley, intricately cast brass globe lights created by Louis Tiffany and countless pieces of furniture and artwork collected by the Osgoods on their frequent trips to Europe.
screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-2-29-49-pmIn 1899, 42-year-old John Cleveland Osgood was known as the Fuel King of the West, having built his fortune in coal and iron. Osgood married Alma Shelgrem in October of that year, shortly after divorcing his first wife, Nonnie Irene de Belote (Irene). Construction of a mansion on the Crystal River also began in 1899. The mansion was named Cleveholm Manor, using his nickname, Cleve, and holm meaning “alongside a river”. The Castle was built as a hunting retreat, and constructed of large stone blocks hand-cut and quarried from the nearby sandstone cliffs. No expense was spared as the finest craftsmen of the era built the towering mansion on a sloping hillside in the Crystal River valley.

Entering the Castle today is like entering another time. The main residence offers 23,000 sq. ft. of living space, with 42 rooms that range from an English-style Great Hall and a Russian-inspired formal dining room to a delicate Ladies’ Drawing Room decorated in the French style of the era. Oversized claw-foot bathtubs grace the bathrooms, and Persian carpets embellish the floors. The Great Hall boasts a unique feature as well: a special “peeping window” through which the original owner could view her guest’s attire. An estimated 75% of the original furnishings remain at the Castle today.

Osgood’s original carriage house beautifully features oak-paneled stalls in a cove of trees near the castle. There is also a charming gazebo from which incredible views of White River National Forest and the Snowmass Wilderness can be enjoyed.

Historic Conservation Easement

In 2005, Redstone Castle was listed on the Endangered Places Program, and the Internal Revenue Service had seized the Castle and related properties in connection with a federal wire and securities fraud investigation. Colorado Preservation Inc, the Redstone community, and a host of others, contributed to an acquisition agreement that would protect the Castle from demolition and prevent the removal or change of its exterior as well as ten rooms of fixed interior contents. Hotel Denver owners, Steve and April Carver purchased Redstone Castle on November 6, 2016. They are committing to protecting and preserving this jewel for future generations.